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News July 2021

Dear donors, ladies and gentlemen

. . . since June 28th, events in Tigray have been precipitating! Turn for the better? We want to hope so very firmly – for the needy population!

On Monday June 28th, the Tigray troops regained control of the Tigray capital, Mekele. This after the head of the interim government publicly called on the government troops to withdraw in order to grant international aid unrestricted access to the suffering population and thus avert a famine. Shortly after this call, both the entire interim government and government troops left the city. The Tigray fighters were welcomed and supported by the population with great joy and relief. The troops of the Ethiopian central government, the Eritrean troops and the special forces of the Amhara region have also withdrawn from other cities. During the retreat, important infrastructure was destroyed, for example the bridge over the Tekeze River, one of the two main transport routes in the Tigray region. Since communication and power supply are also interrupted again, much remains unclear and whether, when and how international aid can reach the needy population remains unclear. Nevertheless, this development gives cause for hope that the suffering will come to an end and that people can be provided with the most essential things – especially food.

In the other project areas, plantings will begin in 2021

The reports and photos that we received from the Oromo, Amhara and Sidamo projects show that due to the rainy season that is now beginning, planting on the mountains can begin. The planting time will extend to the months of July and August.

Emergency aid for Tigray

Our call for emergency aid for people in Tigray ( ) has shown the first good results . Because direct help is safest to those in need through the women’s organizations that work with us, we primarily supported the women’s organizations in Adwa, Axum and Adigrat. We are also very grateful for these special donations.

Dr. Simon Pfister