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School projects

Through the school projects, young people learn about the benefits of trees, forests and fruits for humans, for animals and for the climate. They are educated in theory as well as with practical experience. This includes, besides lessons in the classroom, practical work in the orchards owned by the school.

Let’s fight poverty togetherwritten on a stone by a pupil in the Adiaberi School in Tigray
Not tree – no water – no food- written on a placard by a pupil in the Endeabagerima School in Tigray
Forests are the lungs of our planet, say no to deforestation, prevent emissions, plant and protect the trees!written on a placard by a pupil in the Wazga School in Tigray

Learning through the pupil’s initiatives

Many schools in our reforestation areas have limited resources for school lessons (school buildings, equipment, school supplies, study program). The lessons are focused on subjects such as writing, mathematics and sciences. One thing missing is: natural sciences. We are also excited to see the interest of students in our reforestation activities. Therefore, we have introduced school projects with the local education authorities, through which we help schools that teach their children natural sciences in a theoretical and practical way.

In return for this school project, the school administrations additionally engage themselves to reforest together with the parents of pupils the hills and mountains slopes around the schools. Again, the pupils also participate and experience in practice how reforestation is done. Between 10 and 12 hectares are reforested per school. In some schools, the tree seedlings needed are cultivated by the pupil’s mothers directly in the tree nurseries in the school ground, and the children experience there in practice what it means to care and to look after plants.

Our contribution

We support schools which teach their students in natural science. The support is specific to the situation of the school. Oftentimes it includes a life-fence, i.e. fencing the school area with shrubs which are planted by the pupils. Also, oftentimes there is a lack of water, so we finance roof- water harvesting and cisterns, wells, latrines, or even just school benches or blackboards. It is important for us that every school establishes its own fruit tree orchard, for which we give tree seedlings. In many schools, the pupils make their own small seedbeds, in which they cultivate seedlings. Nice examples are schools where the children can take home a tree seedling after the end of the school year to plant it in front of their kraal.

School projects play an important role in our foundation and show how reforestation directly helps people and the environment as well as concretely improving the life of children:

Trees – Forests – Water – Food – Life

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