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… for more water

Thanks to the reforestation, people and animals can use the important and precious water during several month instead of only during the short rainy season. Water allows irrigation, vegetable production, cultivating fruit trees orchards, and water near villages also during the dry season.

Without water, no growth, without growth, no food! Without food, no life!placard in the Endabagerima School, Adwa

Water, a rare and precious commodity

Depending on topography, agricultural conditions and planned water use, dams have to be built, wells drilled or ponds made. This water is conveyed via canals or by means of water pumps, and is used by farmers and the village community by means of the simple and traditional “gravity-irrigation” irrigation system. Groups of women and youths as well as by laws regulate and ensure the equitable distribution and the ongoing maintenance.

While the first benefit of water becomes effective soon after reforestation (especially less erosion, formation of a humus layer and higher soil moisture), it takes several years to implement other water projects, especially the construction of dams, if the topographical conditions are adequate. Concretely, the following can be realized at the foot of our forests:

  • a second production cycle after the rain-fed grain cultivation (with, for example, chickpea, alfalfa and clover, maize, beans)
  • plantation and cultivation of fruit trees (such as coffee, avocado, mango, papaya, guava, oranges, apples)
  • irrigation of vegetables crops (such as potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions, garlic, chard, lettuce) with dams, canals or water pumps
  • spring catchment, cisterns and simple wells.

Fruit and vegetables supplement the diet of families. Furthermore, women are very involved in selling some of the harvested vegetables and fruits at markets and thus generating some income.

children collecting drinking-water with donkeys

Our contribution

We support organizations of farmers, women and youth regarding the use of water. Our concrete contribution always adapts to the local circumstances. Typically, we help groups of farmers, women and youth in our construction areas mainly with the construction of water projects. They have to contribute part of their own work and, in the following years, the beneficiaries must be able to continue the works independently and on their own responsibility. Through our initiative, we aim to empower local people to use the now available water. We help with the financing of:

  • seeds for vegetable cultivation
  • fruit tree nurseries, so that a sufficient number of local fruit tree seedlings of high quality are available
  • equipment for the construction of water catchment, dams and canals or water pumps
  • construction of spring catchment, cisterns and simple wells.

It is something of a miracle how forests improve the local water balance – it is pleasing to see how groups of farmers, women and youth use this water with a lot of effort, skill and initiative to improve the life of their families and animals.

«Gravity Irrigation»
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