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Founding members in 2000, from left to right : Simon Pfister, Irene Pfister, Adrian Pfister, Kurt Pfister

Administrative board

The administrative board is a team of committed people who are convinced to work for a good cause. All these people are gathered in a circle of friends, united by the desire to get actively involved to achieve the greatest possible benefit of the foundation for the environment and people in Ethiopia.

Kurt Pfister

President of the board

His many years of leadership experience predestine him for the successful and strategic management of the foundation. Day in, day out, he is very committed to the foundation, whether on project visits, on fundraising or on lectures. As the founder, the president and the driving force of the foundation, he cares in particular about the people and the regeneration of nature in Ethiopia.

Member since 2000

Alexander Hasler

Alexander Hasler-Dierauer, Ph.D.

Member of the project committee

As an ‘all-rounder’, Alexander Hasler-Dierauer brings his experience from the business world and dedicates a lot of time and energy to his heart topics of environment and common good. His education (Dr. oec. HSG) and his previous professional experience in the field of business processes allow us to approach further institutional donors and to expand services such as CO2 compensation and certifications. Due to his network and contacts, the topics of environment, protection of natural resources and women’s advancement can be sharpened and broadly anchored.

Member since 2023

Beat Beutler

Member of the board

Thanks the many years of service as pastor of a large parish, he has acquired a very large circle of friends and people he has rallied to our cause. Through many religious but also cultural events, he has won over a large number of new donors in his sphere of activity who have now become loyal donors. Several time he organized trips to Ethiopia for interested people and has convinced many people of our work.

Member since 2010

Susanne Bührer

Member of the board
Member of the project committee

Joining the foundation soon after its establishment, she is particularly involved in fundraising, organizing events and campaigns, relying on a large circle of friends and involving them in the process. She independently organizes trips to Ethiopia for interested people and thus win over new donors. She provides a precious help in writing brochures and designing the annual reports.

Member since 2004

Maxence Carrel, Ph.D.

Member of the Board
Member of the project committee

With his educational background as environmental engineer, the topic of “environmental climate” is particularly close to his heart and he identifies himself strongly with our work in Ethiopia. During his studies, he got an insight into our work on a private trip and he is convinced that we are doing the right thing with our work. As a native of Vaud, he provides invaluable assistance with translations and contacts to major donors in the francophone area.

Member since 2020

Nicole Fritschi

Nicole Fritschi

Member of the Board

Nicole Fritschi has been close to our foundation for a long time, for example through a program she did for a local TV station with Kurt and Simon Pfister as well as through activities around the Swiss Re Milizpreis. Nicole Fritschi is a fierce advocate for nature and the environment and is not afraid to defend environmental interests even against large companies. With this attitude towards life, a degree in corporate communications and her experience in the media sector, she is an important pillar for our Foundation Board.

Member since 2022

Isabel Jaislin

Isabel Jaisli

Member of the Board
Member of the project committee

With her education (MSc Tropical and International Agriculture, Dipl. Environmental Biology, MAS MTEC ETH) and her many years of teaching and research work as a lecturer in sustainable food systems at the ZHAW, Isabel Jaisli is ideally qualified to serve on the Foundation Board. In addition, as a long-time donor, she has demonstrated her commitment to our foundation in an impressive way. With her expertise and personality, she is a valuable and ideal addition to our Foundation Board.

Member since 2023

Simon Pfister, Ph.D.

Executive Member of the board

He was a member of the Board from 2000 to 2004, and then he served as managing director. From 2021 he is executive board member again and supervises the office in Addis Ababa. During several trips a year, he checks the project work, negotiates new contracts and recognizes new areas or accompanies trips by interested parties. He oversees the partnerships in fundraising. It is important to him that our work is always up to date with the latest scientific developments (e.g. CO2 compensation, measurements of afforestation values from satellites and more).

Member 2000 – 2004, since 2021

James Rymer Hug

Member of the board
Compliance Officer

He brings his precious experience as financial expert and business leader in a valuable way. He is particularly committed to make sure that our foundation also attracts donors through social medias, that our image is modern and, above all, that it also reaches out the younger generation.

Member since 2020

In Switzerland

Karin Stiefel

Head of Donations

Karin Stiefel has been managing donations and administration, providing valuable support not only in day-to-day operations since November 2022. With her broad personal interest in sustainable living and her experience in various commercial fields, she embodies the values of our foundation.

Anabel Wörner

Head of Fundraising

Since February 2024, certified fundraising expert Anabel Wörner has been leading our fundraising team at Green Ethiopia. She is responsible for numerous partners and project coordination. With her passion for sustainable environmental protection, she is fully committed to our projects. Daily inspired, she sees how our work improves the living conditions of many people and revitalizes nature. Together, we create a greener and more livable future.

In Ethiopia

Alem Tsegaye

Managing director of the Addis Ababa office

Since 2015, the qualified environmental engineer leads our office in Addis Ababa. She is responsible for the contacts with the authorities, the offices and partly with our partnerships. Together with Ms. Mekdes as an accountant, she is responsible for a part of the payment transactions, for accounting, for annual accounts and annual reports to the ministries who want to be informed about our work. Furthermore, she controls the work during trips to the project areas and documents the progress.

Special honors

Irene Pfister

As co-founder and first Vice President, Irene Pfister was an active member of the Board until 2021. In addition, she ensured efficient administration, looked after the donation system and set great store by good contacts with our donors. She also regularly took part in trips, with the women’s projects and school projects particularly close to her heart. We would like to thank Irene Pfister for her tireless commitment to the foundation, and we are pleased that she will continue to support us in administrative matters in the future.


Hans-Ruedi Zehnder


Hansruedi Zehnder stepped down from the Board of Trustees on 31.12.2023 after 16 years of service. We are very grateful to Hansruedi Zehnder for his many years of extremely valuable work. On the one hand, there are the extremely large annual donations, but also his work as Vice President and as Chairman of the Project Committee. His active participation in Foundation Board meetings, always with a sympathetic and critical assessment of project applications, was a major factor in our being able to look back on a highly successful period of collaboration with him. We are very grateful to him for everything, are delighted that he will remain associated with the Foundation from a distance and wish him all the best, especially continued good health and much enjoyment of his sporting activities.