Stiftung Green Ethiopia | Postfach | CH-8405 Winterthur +41 (0)52 233 1531

Credo and governance

Our work and collaboration with all our partners is based on the principle of True & Fair and Good Governance, in concrete terms:

  • We support our partner according to the motto: help for self-development. In other words, we offer initial, developmental and launch aid, which then enable the partners to take responsibility of their own lives. We do not offer repeated help to the same projects or groups of people
  • No service without a contribution in return. Whoever implement projects with us has to make a contribution. This follows the motto “What costs nothing is worth nothing”
  • We respect the cultural, religious and ethical views and approaches in our project work, we adapt ourselves and remain neutral. Our collaboration is based on the needs and the willingness of the beneficiaries to provide their contribution
  • We respect traditional knowledge and techniques, and do not act as a know-all
  • We require from our partners that they comply with international guidelines, especially those against child labour
  • We stand for transparency and openness
  • The accounting is in accordance with Swiss GAAP FER 21 and IPSAS (accounting for non-profit organizations).
  • We avoid all actions that could be associated with corruption. And we ask the same from our partners in all projects.