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The project areas in Tigray, in northern Ethiopia, are close to the border with Eritrea. This is a barren mountainous area, sometimes very steep with a severe erosion. With only 500 mm of rain per year, these areas are very dry.

I participated in the reforestation, and today I have more yields of lentils and beans thanks to higher ground-water level. Thus, my work has paid off.Kidest Berhande

Water is an extremely coveted and precious commodity, that often has to be procured on long distances. Due to previous wars, diseases and also because many men in search of work leave their family, there is a notable number of so-called women’s household.

Because of the dryness and the topography, reforestation requires a lot of preparatory works on the mountains (terraces, water ditches, ponds, large planting holes…). In Tigray we work above all with groups of farmers and women, occasionally also with youth groups. Their work is organized and supervised by the agricultural and forestry experts from the local agricultural offices. In this project area, we have mostly realized water harvesting (dams, canals) so far, in order to enable the farmers to irrigate their fields with the water from our reforestation. As the fruits supply is limited (mainly prickly pears), we also run a fruit tree school here to promote the plantation of fruit trees.