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News June 2021

Dear donors, ladies and gentlemen

No peace in the country so far – will the elections at the end of June turn things around for the better?

How much we hoped to finally be able to report good things after 7 months of war in Tigray, unfortunately this is not the case. As our project partners, with whom we have sporadic telephone contact, report that the humanitarian situation has unfortunately not improved. No deduction of the withdrawal of the Eritrean troops announced two months ago. All appeals from many states to the Prime Minister to end the persecution of the 6 million Tigray ethnic group and to start peace negotiations are not heard. On the contrary, the state responds to such appeals as interference in the internal affairs of the country and rejects them!

Unchanged good project progress in our Oromia, Amhara and Sidamo areas

Because we take the travel warnings by the Swiss department of external affairs seriously and are currently not traveling, we have intensified our reporting. The reports, which we receive backed up with photos, are consistently positive, so that we assume that we will be able to fully realize the project work in these areas this year.

Emergency aid for Tigray

At its meeting on May 19, 2021, the foundation board discussed intensively the state of emergency which our project members in Tigray face. The board decided to provide temporary emergency aid until the next board meeting by the end of August. You can find out how this is structured in the information on «Emergency aid Tigray» . We are also very grateful for these special donations.

Dr. Simon Pfister