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Emergency aid for people in Tigray

For more than six months, a terrible war has been raging in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, from which the civilian population is suffering in particular. After the region had been shut off from all communication for months, information is now increasingly leaking out to the public. Our partners and eyewitnesses tell of the most brutal massacres, of women and girls who were raped, of injured and wounded people without access to medicine and tens of thousands of refugees. The UN has issued an urgent appeal for fear of famine that could kill 4.5 million people.

We also want to help – as best we can!

Since our foundation for emergency aid has neither experience nor infrastructure, our help is mainly limited to helping people with money so that they can survive. For this purpose, food aids (along with medicine) are now primarily necessary. You may join in with:

e.g. support for the MYC (Mekele Youth Center), where around 70 street children between the ages of 10-18 find a “home” and are prepared for their adult life. At the moment the money is being used primarily to buy food, which has been very expensive for a few weeks.

e.g. support for the christian Orthodox churches in Axum, which are particularly affected by the war and where hundreds of hungry or otherwise needy people ask for help every day. The priests and deacons depend on money to buy the food they need.

These are two of several ways we can help people quickly and effectively. Through personal contact with these institutions, we have the guarantee that the help will reach people.

Women suffer

And again it is especially the women who get to feel the hardship and cruelty of the war on their own body. They had to watch and witness how their husbands and sons were killed and how they themselves and their daughters were brutally raped. Such severely damaged, traumatized women should receive hunger relief in addition to medical help.

Food aid for women

Through our 20 years of project work in Tigray, we have contacts with women who lead women’s organizations. We could reach a few of these women by phone in March-April. We can trust them that the money we send them will benefit the really needy. These are:

Donations – emergency aid Tigray

Wir danken für jede uns als Nothilfe überwiesene Spende. Wenn Sie die Verwendung uns überlassen, werden wir diese Nothilfe-Spenden unter die oben beschriebenen Institutionen/Menschen aufteilen. Wichtig ist, dass Sie bei der Einzahlung den Hinweis machen: Nothilfe Tigray.

Wenn Sie gezielt spenden möchten, ergänzen Sie Nothilfe TIgray mit einem der nachfolgenden Hinweise:

  • children Mekele
  • Churches Axum
  • women Tigray

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