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Youth groups

It is difficult for landless youth and young adults to imagine their future. They often work as day labourer or are « strolling » around villages and cities because there are bored. We want to offer a future to such youth through the use of water, natural resources and biodiversity.

All we have are our hands to work.Challa Lemma
More than 1300 unemployed young men and women now have a job. Before that, they were looking for work. Now they find a job in their homes, they gain social security and stability.Twolde Berhe

Put an end to hopelessness

Landless youth are willing to work, if they can see a sense in it and a prospect of a better future. They work in groups for our foundation by running tree nurseries, reforesting and taking care of the forests, they establish their own community orchards and cultivate them (on the land made available to them by the state), or they actively participate in the construction of water catchment systems (wells). Where they lack the know-how, the local agricultural offices provide the support they need. For instance, this is necessary in the construction of wells: where the young people dig the wells, we finance the installation of the required manual water pump, and the young people can then sell the water to the villagers at an advantageous price. Where young people are helping with reforestation, they install beehives to generate some income from the sale of honey.

This model is very well received and promoted by the state, which provides experts who offer support in training and best-practice.

Our contribution

We want these young people to be paid for their work. For example, if they run tree nurseries, they receive wages for their work over the years. If they establish community orchards, we finance and supply them the tools they need.

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