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Women groups

In our project, women – mainly women group in tree nurseries – are working exceptionally. Without healthy and strong plants, reforestation is not possible. The women are therefore a mainstay in our projects, and also in the Ethiopian society.

All I do, I do it for my children’s future.Nigist Alem
Working in the group changed my life! I have my own income and I’m not a burden for my parents any longer. And through reforestation, I can contribute to a better climate and better life conditions for farmers.Bikila Benga

Meeting tomorrow’s challenges with women

Women, especially single women, know what it means to struggle to feed and support their families. Such women often only have small plots of land for some vegetable cultivation, maybe a cow, a coat and some chickens. Other income opportunities are rare.

We like to work successfully with such women, whether in the seedling production in our tree nurseries, in reforestation works, as guardians in the forests or when they cultivate vegetables.

The women are either united in women’s organization of the village “Women Development Associations”, or in locally founded women’s group. We attach importance to the fact that each women’s group has its own bank account (or each women have their own bank account), so that they can spare some of their income. Inventive and clever as women are, they always find solutions themselves to improve their income together with us (e.g building wood-saving stoves, cultivating fruit trees and selling fruits, producing chicks and selling pullets.

Our contribution

We work together with these women’s group in many project areas. Currently, about 2500 women are working full or part-time in our tree nurseries and in our reforestation projects.

The women are paid a daily wage, which is based on local and regional conditions. In order to make women’s daily life easier, we have set up the donkey project and we also provide them with a significant support in vegetable cultivation.

Reception of a women’s group in the tree nursery
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