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In the large Oromia region, our projects are located far from each other. Thus, the topographical and climatic conditions of each projects are very different.

Seit wir diesen Gango-Hügel aufgeforstet haben, sind die Erträge an Getreide auf den Feldern dort unten um einen Viertel angestiegen.Ketema Nagash

What all projects have in common is that there is a lack of forest with the appropriate water retention capacity and that during the rainy season too much humus is washed away by heavy thunderstorms, destroying precious cultivated land. This situation should be stopped with reforestation.

In most areas we work together with groups of farmers, women and youth. The youth groups are united in one region (Weliso) in a Youth Development Association and are engaged, trained and supervised by this youth organization. In other areas, the local agricultural office is in charge of the professional supervision of the groups. In this way, our project work contributes to provide thousands of people with meaningful jobs and to improve their living conditions. The return of wildlife, streams and sources from our forests and an improved micro-climate are evidence of the sustainable benefits of our work.