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With a careful use of the resources entrusted to us and a good, cooperative partnership with our partners in rural Ethiopia, we want to make our vision come true for the benefit of nature and the environment, as well as for the people in our project areas.

Many have already promised to help us. Green Ethiopia keeps this promise. Thank you for that!Tigist Negassi

Reforestation improves water balance, soil quality, biodiversity and micro-climate. This in turn enables water harvesting and vegetable cultivation, which sustainably improve the food and life situation of the people in rural Ethiopia. Foundation Green Ethiopia works with local groups of farmers,women and youth to reforest native mixed forests and provide help for self-development – for more water, a healthier diet and a better life.

All projects and activity of Foundation Green Ethiopia aim to directly or indirectly improve the life of farmers and their families and to enable them a fulfilling future in their ancestral homeland. Reforestation projects are thereby the first step and the focus of all project activities. They are part of the cycle of:

TreesForests WaterFoodLife


The article 2 of the foundation deed describes the objective as follows:

The foundation pursue neither lucrative profit making or self-handling purposes, but:

  • The support of Ethiopian agriculture and forestry through the development of sustainable and ecologic agriculture and forestry in order to preserve and regain soil fertility and therefore to use existing land resources in the long term.
  • To advice and support Ethiopian agriculture regarding sustainable production, adapted storage and marketing of local basic food to ensure a local food base in the long term.

The fight against erosion means

  • Reforestation through planting of native tree species
  • Protection of forests against cattle and felling
  • Construction of simple water catchment basins (ponds)
  • Construction of small dams
  • River-diversion (diversion for irrigation)

Support to smallholders

  • Supply of tree seedlings and seeds
  • Donation of material and equipment
  • Support for water harvesting and storage
  • Advice on the establishment of vegetable garden and orchards
  • Assistance in obtaining and procuring seeds
  • Advice on ecologic production