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Farmer groups

Farmers, traditionally structured in groups or cooperatives, are significantly participating to our reforestation projects. After some years, the forest offers them great benefits that improve their life and their food situation. They obtain new perspectives for a decent life in their ancestral territories.

Green Ethiopia’s projects do not only change the climate, they also improve our lives.Kidane Balbi
Working in this group has taught me how much impact a collective action can have, and how we can solve the challenges of our community through it.Tufa Tadasa

Successful collaboration with various benefits

Farmers who are working with us in our reforestation areas have generally small plots of lands of 0,25 to 0,50 hectares at their disposal, which are not enough to feed their family all year round. Such farmers support us with their valuable work capacity in the reforestation projects by preparing the mountains and the hills for the reforestation, then by planting and protecting the plants for the next five years.

However, the farmers already benefit from the reforestation. These benefits are in the form of water. Water for people, animals and plants. In the forests, they can produce honey with bees, they can grow coffee in specific areas and, after years, the forests cover their needs for timber and firewood. As the farmers recognize the great benefits of the forests, they take care of them and run them in a sustainable way (they only harvest what grows back or is replanted).

Where the farmers lack the know-how, they are supported by the experts from the local agricultural office.

Our contribution

We contribute to the success of this activity by financing the seedling’s production, their transport to the mountains and a part of the reforestation costs. A large part of the work is done voluntarily by the farmers, while they are compensated for the other part.

We also support the guardians who protect the forests against livestock and deforestation within the framework of by-laws (contractual arrangements among the farmers). Our forests are protected areas with guardians for at least five years after the reforestation.

Here you may support our projects and the people in Ethiopia with a donation. Thank you very much for your contribution!