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Subsistence farmers

Farmers who are working voluntarily in our reforestation projects are supported by us in return with equipment, vegetable seeds and fruit trees seedlings – which improve their food and life situation.

Thanks to the support of Green Ecosia, I do not have problems to feed my family anymore, and my family’s worries are disappearing.Bikila Benga

The daily fight against hunger

Farmers in our project areas often live in extremely poor conditions. These subsistence farmers live on what their little land offers them in term of yields. Furthermore, they are often dependent on food aid from the state or from organizations.

The situation is particularly tricky for the single women with household responsibilities. These are widows, so-called single mothers, women from polygamous marriages or women whose husbands left them to find a job in a distant city or construction site. Most of these women have child responsibilities.

Subsistence farmers are working very hard to survive and are grateful for any income opportunity or help. The same case holds for those who help with our reforestation projects, they are paid for a part of their work and have to do the other part of it (50%) voluntarily. This is because they will later be direct or indirect beneficiaries of the forest, as they are inhabitants of the region.

Our contribution

Because such people are working voluntarily for our reforestation project, we support them with the so-called “Agriculture Input”, that is, with equipment, seeds, financing of coats, sheep or the delivery of water pumps (for groups) or beehives. As we do not have direct contact with such farmers, the support is provided through organizations to which they belong. These organizations are mainly women’s or landless youth organizations, see also group of women and youth group. The purpose of this support is humanitarian. We want to offer a better future to these people. Our contribution is unique and in line with our credo “help for self-development”.

In many places we also support the education and the training of farmers on the topics of water, food and life, that is, the importance of the forests, the irrigation, the plantation of fruit trees, the honey production, and much more.

Example of a subsistence farmer’s life: threshing of the grain

The projects in collaboration with subsistence farmers play an important role in our foundation and show how reforestation directly helps people and the environment as well as concretely improving the life of groups of farmers, women and young people and their families:

Trees – Forests – WaterFood – Life

Here you may support our projects and the people in Ethiopia with a donation. Thank you very much for your contribution!