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Reforesting forests

Forests provide multiple resources for mankind and the environment. They improve the micro-climate and water storage, and are preconditions for a sustainable improvement of human and food situation in the project areas.

As a result of the afforestation, the water table is rising, wildlife returns, from small micro-organisms to large animals such as hyenas, foxes or hares.Abarra Hayilee

The climatic, hydrologic and economic significance of the forests is immense. Especially in Ethiopia, where rainfall occurs only during the rainy season, which is followed by a long dry season. In this situation, it is particularly important that afforestation in mountains and hills store water that falls during the rainy season. Then, the water slowly runs down the mountain and later, precisely during the dry seasons, comes back as to the surface as new sources, new streams or filtered in ponds. This water is extremely important for people, animals and plants during the dry season.

In order to prevent the water from sliding down the mountains slopes as mudflows during heavy thunderstorms in the rainy season, appropriate protective structures are necessary on the mountains. Grass and humus layer growing there also helps to collect the water and store it in the forest soil.

We achieve the goals of our foundation through assistance for self-development, to which every beneficiary has to contribute. What begins with afforestation ends with empowering people to improve their life situation in a sustainable way.

The purpose of the foundation is to fight against erosion and its dramatic consequences through the afforestation and the support given to Ethiopian forestry and agriculture in recovering food security.

Hike with gard, 4 years after afforestation

The focus is on the following cycle:

Trees – Forests – Water – Food – Life

Here you may support our projects and the people in Ethiopia with a donation. Thank you very much for your contribution!

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