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News August 2021

Dear donors, ladies and gentlemen

Beautiful projects – successful reforestation

We are receiving consistently good news from our project areas that have not been affected by unrest. July and August is the rainy season and the months in which the seedlings are planted. In the areas where the work has already been completed, the planting numbers are above budget and we are receiving photos of very beautiful, strong seedlings that are being planted by village communities. We are very happy and grateful that the work in these parts of Ethiopia is going so well. Here are some photos from three project areas in the Oromia region.

All areas where the work has already been completed ask us to continue the activities in 2022 and the following years. This shows the confidence that we can continue to work unhindered.

Armed conflicts and unrest continued

The sad news is that the fighting continues in Tigray. Since the beginning of June, the Tigray fighters have been trying to recapture the areas captured by the government in the previous months. But also in other regions clashes have broken out between warring tribes, which bring great misery and suffering to the people of these areas. Unfortunately, urgently needed aid deliveries to fight the famine in the hard-hit Tigray are repeatedly hindered at the access, so that the humanitarian catastrophe continues to worsen and more and more people are affected by hunger and suffering. Since neither telephone nor Internet connections are still possible, the news situation is very poor and insecure. As soon as we receive direct, clear information from our Tigray projects again, we will inform you accordingly.

Dr. Simon Pfister