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News October 2021

Dear donors, ladies and gentlemen

Thanks to the good rainy season – successful reforestation in 2021

From the three well-running project regions (Oromia, Amhara, Sidamo) we are receiving the annual reports on reforestation and other activities this year. In addition to the figures and invoices, photos are also sent to us.

At the end of September, our head of the Addis Ababa office visited various reforestation areas in the Oromia region and reported on the state of the afforestation, in particular on the survival rate of the seedlings planted in July. Thanks to the good rainy season, we can expect a high survival rate of 90%. She also sends us photos of grown tree seedlings.

Tigray – cut off from the environment – yes, strangled!

We have not been able to reach our partners in Tigray since June, the telephone and the Internet have been switched off, and it seems that all banks are also closed. We understand from the media that only a few aid deliveries with food and medicines reach parts of the Tigray because the government is making such deliveries extremely difficult and convoys are being stopped. International organizations are increasingly intervening and urging the government to finally end the blockade of the Tigray, as millions of people are suffering from malnutrition and an acute famine threatens. Instead of obeying these calls, the government declared seven employees of UN organizations to be “persona non grata” on September 30, 2021 and expelled them from the country. There are no words!

Dr. Simon Pfister