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News November 2021

Dear donors, ladies and gentlemen

The blessing of forests: people experience the benefits of our forests!

November is a very scenic time in Ethiopia, the fields still benefit from the rainfall of the rainy season, the grain grows and increasingly begins to ripen and large areas of land show themselves in beautiful green. This also shows photos that we received from our project partners in the Oromia, Amhara and Sidamo regions as part of the reporting. Regions in which the project work took its normal course in 2021 and around 9 million tree saplings were probably produced and planted again. Representing many photos, here are two impressions of the results of our work.

The war is expanding instead of finally ending. . .

The dispute between the central government and the Tigray region, which insists on more autonomy, and the resulting civil war seem to be spreading to neighboring regions of Tigray. According to our knowledge, the total isolation of the Tigray region and neighboring areas from any information (telephone, internet), but also the inadequate famine relief and medical help, is dramatic. The government’s information blackout prevents clarity about what has happened, but the supply situation seems to be taking on dramatic traits. One hears more and more that hunger is used as a weapon of war and the latest thing is that the government has declared a state of emergency. This means that she has great expertise in taking measures. We are very worried and sad about these events and this development and can only hope that peace will soon return and that people will be able to live again without fear and danger.

Incidentally, the reformer Martin Luther wrote the following sentence: “If I knew that tomorrow the world would end, I would plant an apple tree today”. And we? As long as the warlike events do not reach our areas, we are sticking to our project work and in the past few weeks have just signed new contracts for reforestation for the coming years in the regions of Oromia, Amhara and Sidamo. We confidently hope that this can continue to be implemented well.

Dr. Simon Pfister