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Appreciation of the Sidama Region

The recognition of our integrated projects of reforestation, water production, nutrition and decent living in the southern region of Sidamo makes us proud and underlines the many years of successful cooperation with the local “Integrated Women’s Development Organization” of Ruhama and Nebiyu.

We are extremely pleased about the recognition by the Sidama region in southern Ethiopia. On the one hand, she underlines the importance and necessity of close cooperation with the local population, in particular the involvement and active participation of women. On the other hand, it shows the enormous potential of afforestation if the beneficiaries develop the natural resources improved by forests in a targeted and comprehensive manner. For example, forests are created in such a way that water can be used as soil moisture, springs or groundwater, or that soils are enriched with nutrients and grain fields thus provide higher yields and allow a second harvest. Vegetables can also be grown in the home garden, various fruits and coffee can be planted in the shade of native trees, hedges and forage plants for animals can be created. And very important: People, animals and plants have access to clean drinking water all year round. In this way, the members of the women’s organization can improve the life of their entire family in a sustainable and long-term manner within just a few years and open up new hope and perspectives for the future for themselves and their children.