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News January 2021

Dear donors, ladies and gentlemen

Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia celebrate Christmas on January 6th. Since many of our project partners are familiar with our Gregorian calendar, we also send them our Christmas and New Years greetings. These are reciprocated and a particularly beautiful example are the wishes that we receive from the reforestation area Tulu Korma, Oromia (see photo below). We were very pleased that Christmas greetings were sent to us on the background of the beautiful Tulu Korma mountain. It is an example of the many good wishes that we receive and as a special sign of how much our partners appreciate working with us and how much they are happy about the success of our reforestation projects.

In the project areas, the new year begins with further preparatory work in the tree nurseries so that the seed beds and plant pots are ready when the first seeds are grown from mid-January.

Hope for a peace process

In December, the Tigray troops withdrew to the Tigray region. You want to set an example for peace and have combined the withdrawal with an appeal to the international community to support the peace process. The government has also decided not to invade Tigray areas again for the time being. Even if government air strikes against cities in the Tigray continued, this development leaves room for hope that the war will end and peace will return. It is to be hoped and granted to the population plagued by war, hunger and misery.

New year wishes

We sincerely wish our donors a happy, and above all healthy, 2022.

Dr. Simon Pfister