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Forests promote the climate in many ways. For example, trees promote the water cycle through evaporation, and most important, they extract the CO2 from the air through photosynthesis, store carbon in branches, leaves and soil and return oxygen (O2) in the air. This is also a natural conversion of CO2 in O2, not only a CO2 reduction but also repeated air and climate improvement over years and decades.

We offer you our reforestation in Ethiopia for your voluntary compensation of CO2. Moreover, as integrated projects, our reforestation offers sustainable added value!

  • CO2 absorption, oxygen instead of CO2
  • Sustainable soil and climate improvement
  • Sustainable improvement of the hydrologic balance
  • Protection against erosion / cultivated land rehabilitation for food production
  • Promotion of biodiversity
  • Recreational areas for people

Let us calculate your CO2 footprint and offset your CO2 consumption with us! In this way, you are financing further reforestation which is extremely important, precious and sustainable for the environment and people! Our services for your personal CO2 compensation are the following:

  • Reforestation to fight against soil erosion and for a better climate
  • Sale of CO2 certificates to guarantee you climate neutrality
  • Publication of your CO2 compensation on our homepage in order to provide a broad public with information about your measures

The environmental objectives require action

The objectives for the reduction of the greenhouse gas CO2 that have also been proclaimed by Switzerland oblige many enterprises to adopt appropriate measures. However, not all enterprises, firms and organizations are able to achieve the required CO2 reduction. This is where the possibility of compensation comes in.

The crux of the CO2 cycle

Whatever we do, wherever we are, we leave our CO2 footprint. And today, it seems clear that people of this earth have to reduce our CO2 emissions, or, when it is not possible, provide a contribution to their reduction/compensation.

CO2 sequestration by the reforestation

According to our own studies and various expert sources, we can assume that at least 50 tonnes of CO2 will be sequestrated per hectare of reforestation over a period of 10 years. This means that with our reforestation of more than 10 million trees per year, we can offset at least 500 000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

We offer this amount for compensation at the advantageous price of

CHF 40.— per tonne CO2.

This price includes the following services:

  • Guarantee for a sustainable reforestation in the declared extent, including guardians who protect the reforestation areas over years
  • Support with CO2 footprint calculation
  • Authorization to use the “compensation-logo” (see above)
  • Certificate indicating the amount and price of the compensation (on request)
  • Payments are earmarked donations for us, which means that you receive a confirmation of your donation for your contribution (the confirmation is exempted from Swiss taxes according to cantonal regulations)
  • A listing can be found on the website: (if wished)